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The First Eight Months with Baby

If you remember my last post The First Two Months with Baby you'll see how drastically a baby changes in such a short period of time! I wanted to write another post at 6 months, but alas, being a mom, time escaped from me. Here is a summary of the past eight months with the little light of our lives. I'll also post again at the bottom the baby things we can't live without at this point.

Little AJ has grown a lot since two months. Her little spunky sweet personalty is budding and she is much more mobile, which means she sleeps less. She has gone from sleeping between every feeding to now taking 2-3 naps per day. She went from needing to fall asleep with us in our bed before transferring her to her crib to now only needing to be rocked a little bit before sleep. We switched her from the pack n' play to the crib at around 6 months and she started sleeping through the night again! She typically will sleep for 12-13 hours from 630pm until 730am. Our nightly routine include…

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