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5 Tips on How to Pass the RD Exam!

Nothing can explain the feeling of walking out of the testing center with this paper saying that I passed the RD exam!  My exam was at 4pm that day (only available time for the day) but I had a good breakfast with eggs, toast, and bacon, and went to the city the test was being held early and made sure I knew how to get to the testing center. I grabbed some notes on items I wanted to review briefly and went over them at a local cafe with an ice coffee and a light lunch of a protein bar until I got a call around 2pm saying that they could take me early. I remember my heart was pounding out of my chest. This was it, this is where all my hard work would pay off. This was the day I would (hopefully) officially become a Registered Dietitian. Years of education and a year long rigorous 1200+ hour unpaid internship before I could sit for this 2.5 hour exam. And many people do not pass on the first go. The CDR (Commission of Dietetic Registration) updated the exam format in 20

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