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Dietetic Internship - Community rotation at WIC

My rotation at WIC went really well. I was able to work with so many pregnant moms and experienced moms, babies and dads over the 140 hours I spent here! I was able to experience a number of clinics throughout the state as well as attend the World Breastfeeding Month event.

For the event, I was also able to share a recipe for lactation cookies, some of the ingredients are covered through WIC - which is a plus! Mommas, feel free to give these tasty morsels a try to boost production! The three ingredients are oatmeal, flax, and brewer's yeast, all of which you can find at your local grocery store.

A board I created about the benefits and facts on breastfeeding presented at the world breastfeeding month event. WIC provides pumps to loan out, or they can also help you get a pump through your insurance! We also provide formula for Moms who can't or prefer not to breastfeed. We promote breastfeeding as it is the most beneficial and perfect food for baby since it has protective anti…

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