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Dietetic Internship - Nutrition Communications & Marketing Rotation

Sorry for the delay on getting this post out! #life but any who, my Nutrition Communications and Marketing rotation was a great experience! I interned with Seacoast Eat Local, an organization that helps to connect people with locally grown foods and helps provide a sustainable local food system through advocacy, organizing, and education.
I was able to host a number of food demos at local farmers markets and work on projects including a marketing campaign as well as writing a couple of press releases, writing blog posts, and developing harvest cards for in-season produce and newsletters for the Seacoast Area Mobile Market (SAMM van).
Here are some action shots below!

One of my favorites, pumpkin butter!

Husk cherries are a must try if you see them! Like little sweet grapes/tomatoes that have hints of pineapple and vanilla. I made husk cherry jam out of them!

Here was one of the winter markets at Exeter High School

Perfect for the holidays.

The Wentworth Greenhouse was like a farmers …

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