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8 Controversial Decisions Every Family will Make

Mom Boards. Have you heard of them? Also called discussion boards, they are groups of moms with the same interests; same baby's birthday, or feeding style, etc etc. I follow quite a few of them and here are some of the issues that generate hundreds of comments, questions, and debates. Read on to see what some of the most controversial topics are and what we've decided so far works
 for our little family.

1. How to give birth
At home, in a birth center or in a hospital? Pain meds or med free? Scheduled c section or vaginal birth? Who knew there would be so many decisions on birthing a baby. This is a hot one because there are some moms who think everything needs to be natural and some moms who want all the interventions to prevent pain. There is no wrong answer - getting the baby out safely should be the ultimate goal, but how you choose to do it is a very personal decision. Whether it be because your mom did it one way, or because you just want the baby out the baby is going to…

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