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Dietetic Internship - Clinical Rotation

Walking out of the hospital from my clinical nutrition rotation on my last day had me feeling ✨For anyone who follows me on insta (@erika_behrmann) you probably already know I've been completing rotation hours that go toward becoming a registered dietitian.

The clinical nutrition rotation is the core of any didactic internship. Everyone must complete clinical practice hours, which seems like a never-ending marathon. Surprisingly I ended up enjoying it and could really see myself working as a clinical nutrition RD. It was great because it was at a hospital that I used to work at! It was hard but it is important to stay positive and just keep at it! 

There were a couple of things I found surprising, one of them was how much weight could fluctuate day to day due to fluid status, or if patients are on dialysis so weight wasn't always a reliable indicator. Another point was that even though a patient could have 100% intake, that could still mean they are getting suboptimal calories,…

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