It’s actually pretty hard to think of 30 things I have not yet done that I would like to achieve in the next 3 years (well about 2 and a half). There may be plenty more I achieve, and then there may be some of these I don’t get the chance to achieve, but there's nothing wrong with trying and having fun along the way. When I think of all things things I have done in the last 5 years. I’m sure there is so much I can do and experience yet before turning 30. These are things I want to be intentional about actually getting around to, the kinds of things I always think/say I want to/should do but don't. 

Here's a list of 30 things I'd like to do before I'm 30. I will cross them off as I go.

1. Take a photography class Completed (May 2012)
2. Take a cooking class Completed (May 2013)
3. Learn how to make a family recipe Completed (November 2016)
4. Run a 5k Completed (April 2014) Run half marathon
5. Learn how to knit Completed (January 2013)
6. Sing my favorite song to an audience Completed (July 2012)
7. Be a vegetarian for a period of time Completed (November-March 2012)
8. Perfect a family recipe Completed (November 2016)

9. Get a Passport Completed (May 2012)
10. See the west coast Completed (Portland, OR April 2016)
11. Visit Europe Completed (Honeymoon July 2015)
12. Scuba dive and see the coral reefs
13. Revisit New york Completed (October 2012)
14. Go on a cruise
15. Take a road-trip Completed (Burlington Vermont, Canada August 2013)
16. Visit Quebec/Montreal Completed (January 2013)
17. Visit Scandinavia Completed (October 2016)

18. See a Broadway show Completed (December 2012)
19. See a symphony 
20. Have a picnic on the beach and stargaze
21. See the best Coast Completed (April 2016)
22. Hike a mountain and have a picnic on top Completed (June 2014)

23. Move in with my boyfriend Completed (August 2011)
24. Plant a garden Completed (Planted in May, Harvested September 2012, planted again May 2014)
25. Bring home a dog
26. Own a Property Completed (January 2017)

27. Set up a 401k Completed (June 2012)
28. Start composting
29. Settle down with my love Completed (married September 20, 2014)
30. Start a family

These will all (hopefully) be completed by the end of October 2017

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