Dietetic Internship - Nutrition Communications & Marketing Rotation

Sorry for the delay on getting this post out! #life but any who, my Nutrition Communications and Marketing rotation was a great experience! I interned with Seacoast Eat Local, an organization that helps to connect people with locally grown foods and helps provide a sustainable local food system through advocacy, organizing, and education.

I was able to host a number of food demos at local farmers markets and work on projects including a marketing campaign as well as writing a couple of press releases, writing blog posts, and developing harvest cards for in-season produce and newsletters for the Seacoast Area Mobile Market (SAMM van).

Here are some action shots below!

One of my favorites, pumpkin butter!

Husk cherries are a must try if you see them! Like little sweet grapes/tomatoes that have hints of pineapple and vanilla. I made husk cherry jam out of them!

Here was one of the winter markets at Exeter High School

Perfect for the holidays.

The Wentworth Greenhouse was like a farmers market in a snow globe during the holidays. You have to see it to believe it. Wreaths and the scent of evergreen and warm beverages to comfort your soul.

These didn't last long and I'll definitely make them again for Addie!

Speaking of Addie, here she was at her first Farmer's Market! Captivated by all the people, food, and happenings. She loved watching some ladies spinning wool!

Maple roasted parsnips were another hit, the texture was out of this world!

Here is the recipe!

Some nutrient benefits, storage, and other ways to prepare it! I had a lot of fun creating these harvest cards. I made two of them per month and I was able to look into in-season produce and find out so much about them including some of their histories. If you have some free time, take a peek at this website to find out more history and background of some of your favorite items. One of the more intriguing ones that I looked into was salsify - take a look! The only downside to this website is that it isn't completely accurate for timing in NH. 

Roasted Turnip hummus was the most intriguing food demo I did and the first time I made hummus. I was pleasantly surprised, and even the kids were eating it! The secret was lots of lemon juice to balance out the bitter/earthiness of the turnip and garlic.

SO pretty!

Lastly, it's a great time of year to visit the Farmer's Market! Going to the Farmer’s Market is a great way to spend time with family and friends and participate in a variety of activities like face painting, arts and crafts, or enjoying some local musicians in action. They even have vendors that provide food items like breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and bakery items!

You’ll be able to find a variety of options at the market including popular in-season produce items like spring greens in the spring, and berries at the height of summer, or options that are available all year-round like meats, cheese, eggs, maple syrup, and honey. And who better to purchase them from than members of your own community! To see what is in season each month check out items at Some examples of farms or businesses that will be present are located at

One of the best ways to strengthen your local community is by supporting your local farmers and small businesses by buying local, and also support yourself and your family by providing fresh and local food from week to week. Get to know your local vendors and their growing practices and pick something new or let your kids pick an option each time you frequent the market. You may be surprised by what you find! 

Also, check out other blog posts I wrote for Seacoast Eat Local here.

You can also check out the SAMM van if you're in any of these areas and see more information about it here!:

Check out the rest of the internship rotations below!


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