The mood was different Today...

But in a good way. I woke to a chill in the air. And remembered it was october.

Usually food gets me out of bed, and I thought of the organic oatmeal I bought at the grocery store. I like the plain kind because honey or maple syrup is all I need. So I moseyed out of bed and was greeted excitedly by my two chihuahuas. It's a daily venture, but they always seem to know right when I get up so that they are right outside my door. Then I brewed a fresh pot of coffee and added some pumpkin spice creamer.

It was raining today. I captured a little bit of the fall landscape:

Fall is my favorite season. It just has so much character, oh and october its my birth month :)

It was a very leisurely day today. The mood of the day gave me that feeling you get when you listen to a song and it brings you back to a certain time period. Today will soon be one of those moments.

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