Almost No Sew Ruffle Purse

 about making a ruffle purse but don't sew?

You could make all three of these in one weekend for under $15.00?

for that perfect fabric rose? sweet friends
The wait is over!

I know you will be jumping in the car as soon as you read through this post.


I will try and make it fast and easy for ya.

See the pack of three tote bags?

$5.00 from Wal Mart.

They do most of the sewing for us!

This is all you have to do.


If you can cut strips of fabric and sew a seam.
You Can make this purse.
I promise.
It's that easy.
(please don't let the pin stab wound on my finger scare you)

( I'm a dodo with pins)

After I cut my five strips of fabirc 4 1/2 inches wide.
I sewed down my seam.
I then lined them up on my purse.

Make sure you tuck the under layer of ruffle far enough under the top one.
You would not want your seam showing..
Now would you?...hehe
Pin your ruffles in place and sew away.
You may want to sew the front first
then work on the back.
This may help because trying to get your ruffle
around the whole purse can be a chore.
Also, if you sew it around the whole purse
the ruffles wont be fluffy.

I just had to show you a close up of this fabric.

I love it!

It's so Shabby Chic

from Wal Mart too!

Now you dont have to go getting all fancy.

Just sew your ruffle right on to your purse.

See how finished it looks.

Thank you Wal Mart!

After I finished my Shabby one
I added one of my fabric roses.

Here is the second one I made for when I'm not feeling Shabby.
It's a bit "Dressy".

For a different look
I just took one of the ruffles and gathered it in the middle.
You will need to make your ruffle longer for this one.

You can find my fabric rose directions here.

I'm thinking these would make great Mother's Day gifts.

How about gifts for the Teacher's? this price and ease

You can make them for everyone on your Christmas list!


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