Why do we have thicker hair in certain places like our head?

Blame it on just being human (homo erectus) . In the early stages of our evolution from the primates , as with all mammals , we were covered in thick hair as protection from the environment . Remember , in the big scope of the age of our universe and the age of the planet , and then the dawn of man , the invention of fire , is very new . We needed that hair to protect us from the wind and cold . Over time , when we aquired heat and built shelter for ourselves and aquired the skills and tools to skin animals for their fur , to make crude clothing , we depended less on our genes to generate body hair . Over thousands of years , this has resulted in very little hair .

 In our modern era , we need our hair mostly to regulate our body temperature . Our brain has to maintain a certain temperature which is why we still have thick hair on our heads , and wear hats in the winter . The length of our hair is just a personal choice at this point in time . We don't need thicker hair on our bodies due to our climatic regions . We still have pubic and underarm hair as a built-in deodourizer. It absorbs sweat , odour , and bacteria to keep those areas clean . The reason why those ares are thick , is due to removal . When you shave or pluck off that hair , it subconsciously sends the body into shock , to regrow that area quickly ( you just simply can't erase our primal genetic code of self preservation ) so it grows back in quicker and fuller as a survival response .

As for why men are hairier , again its primal genetics due to our different hormones and levels . Balding is just nature's cruel joke on some people , although it can happen due to stress , or chemical imbalances . Mostly though , in our modern time , it's caused by depriving the scalp of oxygen and sunlight by covering the head with hats . Example : take a healthy plant and place it in a completely dark room during the day and then bring it out after the sun goes down . How long before that plant's leaves begin to wither from lack of light ? Same principle , just on a larger scale . As children we wear hats in the summer , depriving our heads of the essential benefits we do need . Over time , this alters our body chemistry , and our genetic code , resulting in the body not to re-generate as much hair .


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