Homemade Greek Fritatta!

Fritattas are so fun, and easy!

2 eggs
2 TBSP Milk
chopped tomato (in season always tastes better)
sundried tomato
feta cheese crumbles
parmesan cheese and pepper to taste


Here I used 2 eggs mixed with about 2 tablespoons milk (or water if you're lactose intolerant)

Pour onto a small frying pan on heated on medium 
and start adding ingredients to your liking

the key to a fritatta is that you don't flip it, so there needs to be a good
circulation of heat. I simply put a cover over the frying pan 
to allow the heat to cook the eggs

and about 10-15 minutes later you have a yummy fritatta! 
Serve warm with ketchup (my favorite!)


Nutrition note: I barely ever use salt to add flavor to my food not only because salt has been shown to have an effect on blood pressure, but also because there are so many other delicious spices to add flavor without any health risks and actually potentially added health benefits! I love to add a little ginger to my eggs which adds flavor and helps with stomach upset, gas, and nausea. I also like to add some spice like paprika or pepper flakes for heat which also provides capsaicin which is great for fighting inflammation.

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