Father's day brunch/BBQ

Mi Padre! 

This Weekend was absolutely gorgeous with perfect weather during the day, and a thunderstorm one of the nights (my favorite kind of day!)

We went to Brunch (or tried to; after our third attempt due to waits everywhere we settled for Belmont Hall, my Dads favorite). Then we went to Funway park where I lost horribly in Mini golf, but my 8 year old nephew beat us all.

Then we went to concord for a family BBQ at my grandpa's where I dominated in ladder ball, and devoured some delicious tri-berry trifle my aunt (who is also younger than me) made.

My Other Padre and Step sis

 Father's day Family pic Minus Bryan (In kuwait)

 My Mom and her Dad (and bella baby!)

Cutest Puppy in the world (Xander!)


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