Summer Lovin'

Shark Socks

So far this summer has been amazing. Took a full week off before classes started to relax and hit the beach, and the puppies are getting bigger and fluffier.

(left to right: stella, xander, savannah)

Got a 97 on my first math test, and hopefully definitely got the apartment we wanted in the heart of portsmouth. 

My new job as an LNA is teaching more than I could ever imagine about patient care. It's the people that make it interesting, and fun, and Catholic Medical Center has a neighborhood feel and a culture of its own. The nurses are super nice, and are teaching me how to be an effective nurse as well. It seems as though what LNA's are doing today is what nurses did back then. It's amazing how far we've come in advancements in procedures and medicine. I've seen more pressure ulcers (bed sores) on this floor in two weeks than I've seen in one year of nursing school. Maybe I just never paid any attention before, but the procedure used to be to put heat lamps on them, drying out any viable new tissue growth. Now its just re-positioning Q15min.

I'm trying not to think too much about starting up with nursing again (starting with psych), and I have the whole month of august off so I'm hoping to make it to vegas with mike and a few other couples ( I've never been to vegas!) 


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