Kisses, Sand and Sun

Today, I gave Mike a kiss on the lips while we were still in the car coming home. But I wanted more than just a couple pecks before we got out of the car, so I made a pouty face and said, "you don't like kissing me?"

We went up to his place and he tilted me backwards in his arms, ballroom dance style, and french-kissed me for two minutes straight. Then pulled me up and said, "I love kissing you."

I'm smitten.

We went to Old Orchard Beach, Maine last night for my friend Ashlie's wedding (which was absolutely gorgeous!), then went to Ogunquit and York beach for some fun (and too much sun). The photobooth ran out of film. So we took our own.

Summer goes by too fast. With one month left and a barely there tan, i'm hoping to enjoy the heat without having to work too much. 

10 Things I want to do before summer is over:
1. Make a scrapbook
2. Have a picnic
3. Go to water country (I've never been!)
4. Attend a concert
5. Roast marshmallows
6. See the Nubble cape Neddick lighthouse
7. Finish another summer read 
8. Plant something
9. Go Camping
10. Paint a summery painting


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