365 days...

It's been one wonderful fast year with a lot of amazing memories. 
I want to thank you 
for being there to hold my hand when I was afraid, 
for encouraging me when I wasn't sure,
for making me coffee when I didn't have time,
for showing me the world in a different light,
for teaching me how to play backgammon,
for leaving me texts that say "I love you, I hope you have a wonderful day" (you don't know how much that means to me)
for waking me up when you think I'm late for work,
for laughing when you step in my cats crap,
for taking me to art museums because you know my love for pretty things,
for understanding all my moods (i do have many),
for compromising at any chance we get (I know rock, paper, scissors decides most things)
for getting me sweet potato fries after a late night at work because you knew I was craving them,
for always reassuring me,
and being the best boyfriend a girl can ask for <3


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