My first Portrait!

This is my first portrait as an amateur watercolorists. When I originally got into drawing, portraiture was my favorite to draw. There is so much emotion, mood, and it strikes a stronger feeling than any other type of art. And I added pointillism to the mix!

There's a watercolorist that does a lot of portraiture that I am absolutely in love with. As an oil painter, I loved Leonid Afremov's work. I love his use of color. But Agnes Cecile is now my favorite Watercolorist. I'll show you examples of both and also a speed video of Agnes Cecile's work.

This is Leonid Afremov. He only uses a palette knife.

This is one of Agnes Cecile's pieces. Here is a video from youtube of her speed painting this.

Here's another one.

That's my inspiration for the day.


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