New York State of Mind...

For spring break Mike and I, as well as Mike's Brother Chris, went to Manhattan NY.

The first day there was a museum day where we went to the International Institute of Photography, and the Museum of Modern Art.

There were so many famous, huge, and abstract paintings.


It was a HUGE museum, and it probably took all if 5 hours to view it. We also went to the cafe on the lower floor where I ordered a carrot butternut squash soup and bruschetta. It was a busy saturday afternoon. Later on we went to a restaurant called Sushi Samba where I had the best sushi and sake I can remember. And while bar hopping, ended going into a gay bar which was 'super' fun.

On sunday, we visited the United Nations building, where we took a tour of the places you only see in movies.

We saw the national debt climb :/

It was a fun filled trip.


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