Market Square Day

It officially started to feel like summer this weekend after the Seattle-like rain we've been getting here in New England.

There were so many vendors and games to play, and everyone seemed to happy for the weather, like when the ants start to come out in spring.

These were guitars made out of Cigar boxes. You could buy them pre-made, or buy the parts and build them yourself.

So many colors and smells.

I bought one of these neclaces, the turquoise one pictured that stands for tranquility. My boyfriend Mike bought "The Sun" because of his Solar Energy company.

It was hard to make it through the crowd.

Here is one of Portsmouth's Trademarks on postcards everywhere. South Church.

Sometimes you've gotta look at the sky.

These balloons were everywhere! Along with face painting, which I almost did =P

And a beautiful Celtic trio with a violinist.


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