Art History

I am currently taking an art history course that requires us to write a journal entry every week. I had requested to write in a blog format and my teacher thought we would give it a go.

Here is the link to the Art History blog:

The first week of classes, we discovered prehistoric art and ancient sumerian and near east art, like cave paintings and sculptures found thousands of years before christ himself was born. Lyres and monumental buildings, art on stone walls and stele's. Isn't it amazing the culture we had even then?

The second week, we discussed art of ancient egypt, It isn't all mummies and sarcophagus's. A sculpture of Queen Nefertit's head was discovered in an artists studio, and statues and gold masks that are now in various museums throughout the world.

Next we will discover a bit about asian art. Keep up with my art blog to learn more/ see pictures and links!

A quote my art history teacher said on the first day of class: The thing about history, is that it gets longer every day.


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