The shoot with Joya Bride was a success on this beautiful past Sunday. The lighting was perfect, the models hair and makeup done by Jessica Todd Salon ( Jessica on hair, and Lauren on Makeup. Marcie, the proprietor of Joya was very professional and fun to work with. Her vision alone on starting the business made me that much more excited to help out for a good cause.

The Joya Bride Origin Story

In the fall of 2009 the man I love so much proposed while we were backpacking.  After I said yes, we were thankful to have a few days to ourselves to think about what kind of wedding we wanted.  We decided the two most important things were to be surrounded by the people we love and to have a wedding that supported our values of human rights and environmental stewardship.
Ten months later we had a wedding that was more magical, meaningful, and fun than I could have hoped for.  The only disappointment was that I couldn’t find a wedding dress that matched my values.  I wanted the white wedding dress of my dreams but I wanted it to bring joy not only to me, but also to the people who made it.  And so Joya Bride was born, trying together my dedication to international development, empowering women, protecting the environment, and making weddings more meaningful. ~Marcie

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot

Some of the studio shots are already on the site here, and she also referenced me in her blog.

Check her out!


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