Well, Hello

Man, it has been a while since I've posted! 

I have been involved in so many different things it's hard to keep my head straight.

  1. It is almost mid-semester and a week before spring break
  2. Multiple photography shoots with various restaurants in Portsmouth (photos below!)
  3. Modeling for wedding companies
  4. Booking trips
  5. Trying to build a business plan (details soon)
  6. Looking around for a new place to live (moving in the next 2-4 months!)
  7. Trying to find time to make it to yoga/gym but sleeping in instead
  8. I haven't painted or did any drawings in months (it is weird without a studio class and I don't like it)
Otherwise my boyfriend and I are looking forward to a relaxing next couple weeks. After thursday, I can finally relax after the last of my exams before break. On friday I will be shooting with Portsmouth's very own "Poco's Restaurant."

Here is a few of my images from a shoot with Brazo - Portsmouth, NH

Makes me hungry!

Other than salivating over foodie photography, We have booked a trip to Okemo in Vermont to snowboard for a couple days. Very excited to finally get on the slopes this year!


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