A semester to remember...

It was the best of semesters. It was the worst of semesters. Despite it being the last 4 months of my nutrition degree, it proved to have its challenges.

During these 4 months I have never felt such a wide range of emotion. 
Elation, success, love and loss, hope. 

I married the love of my life, I discovered another beautiful part of the world in Acadia national park. I lost one of my best friends being the best cat friend a human could have. An aunt battled leukemia and won, A close friends baby boy was diagnosed with a rare cancer and is fighting hard, and pepere had a stroke but is being rehabilitated.

2014 was a series of ups and downs and intense change....

While still experiencing some of these challenges, I am closing one long chapter of my life 
and opening another. 

2015 will be a year of self-discovery. Mike and I will take on the world on our honeymoon to Europe. A new career is on the horizon, and there's so much more to look forward to. 

I am hopeful for health and happiness for everyone I know in the christmas season 
and the new year.

 A beautiful moment with my love

My beautiful aunt at my wedding

The Cavan Family

15 years of being there to comfort me, and knock down every glass of water in sight

My Pepere 


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