Homemade pizza!

Delicious homemade pizza. Nothing is quite as good as putting whatever and however much toppings you want on a pizza pie. This is one of our favorites and we probably make it twice a month!

It's true that we do make our own crust on occasion. But sometimes we get this stone fire crust that is basically just as delicious. 

You can find this particular crust at a hannaford but there are usually similar crusts at any supermarket. If you want a gluten free option there are rice crusts in the frozen isle that give a nice crispy texture!

Next I "mise en place" or put everything in place/set up. I cut up my mushrooms and my sundried tomatoes and sometimes the meat that we'll put on it. This time I chose to put the peppered salame on whole. This 3 cheese Italian is the tits. 

Now every person has an opinion of what they think is the ingredient that makes a pizza and for me it's the sauce. A sauce can make or break a pizza. You don't want too much, or too little. You don't want it to be too sweet. When other people ask me what the ingredients are for the pizza, the first thing I tell them is this particular sauce. It is all the right amount of all the right things. I should buy stock. 

Casa Visco. Enough said. 

Then you can start adding your ingredients. It looks perfect already!

Spinach, mushroom and sundried tomato with a little bit of honey drizzled on top. This tastes so good with the pepperyness of the peppered salame and the crushed red pepper flakes I add after the pizza is cooked so it's a combination of sweet, salty, peppery sundried tomatoey hotness. 

And oiala! Delicious homemade pizza!

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