Day 17 and 18: Architecture Heaven in Florence, Italy

Yesterday was mostly a travel day so I'm combining today's and yesterday's photos. The architecture is stunning and there are statues and museums everywhere you look. This one was right down the street from us. 

Our apartment was across the bridge from the center of town. 

We crossed it eventually. 

Archways and pizzerias galore. 

By the Palazza Vecchio

So many huge scenic squares. 

Like this church. 

Today we went to Bargello National Museum. 

A beautiful Jesus by Michaelangelo. 

Then we went to find the Galileo Museum

This is Galileo's middle finger, bone showing all. 

Just flipping people off for generations to come. 

An early rendering of a map of what they thought the world looked like. Biggest map I've ever seen. 

They had all sorts of preliminary mechanics, thermometers, terra cotta obstetric renderings of fetal deliveries, pendulums and scales, and microscopes that famous scientists used. 

Really interesting day of 10-18 century art, religeon, and science. 

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