Day 21 & 22: Last day in Florence to Chianti for Mike's birthday

Yesterday we spent our last day in Florence Italy. We kept it a bit low key, since the night before we tried to go to this eclectic dance bar our airbnb host recommended which was supposed to be late night, but apparently Friday wasn't their jam so mike and I played hangman instead. 

We spent our last day sleeping in until around noon and then mosied to the center of Florence to do some shopping. There was a restaurant right next to the H&M so we snagged a sandwich and French fries (wild craving) and headed to the H& M after. Mike and I discussed what we most craved after being out o the states for 3 weeks and it was interesting. Mike craved a regular 12oz coffee (portions are really small and they only have espresso so the closest thing is an 6oz americano). I craved French fries and Asian food (not much here). The food is quite excellent here, though. 

We rented a car that was a little fiat and drove to our remote vineyard about a half hour outside of Florence for mikes birthday tomorrow (pretty hard to beat that). The rules of the road are very different and all their signage is new symbols or in Italian. May least we could still drive on the right side of the road. Mike was excited to drive a stick shift and we drove through the rolling hills of Tuscany and arrived at our destination by the help of a gps with a British accent. 

The property was immaculately manicured with lemon and orange trees sprinkled about. 

We ordered lunch on their terrace with a bottle of their chianti, of course. 

I had a tuna and citrus carpaccio which was fantastic. The peppercorns were an unexpected yet pleasant touch.

Mike had the special which was a crepe florentine with spinach, tomato, and cheese. 

We snagged a spot by the pool. 

And drank in the scenery. 


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