Day 27: Saint Marks Basilica Venice, Italy

This basilica was built in the 9th century and from our research, it is one of the most beautiful. 

There are just floor to wall mosaics everywhere you looked. The whole church was a glittery gold. 

This represents Adam and Eve in the Old Testament built with the oldest part of the church. 

12 Apostles, Mary Magdelane, and Saint Mark

There were 5 domes, each covered with a different diorama.

The pictures don't do it justice. 

Saint marks square. 

We ordered a sandwich with bacon and egg with tomato and lettuce and it came out with this thinly sliced ham. We're not in Kansas anymore. 

The drink of Venice as was Rosé was the drink of the French Riviera was called a spritz which contained aperol, a little bit of grenadine and bitters with an orange slice and an olive.

We took the Nikon out for some night time photos of Venice in the rain. It reminded me of a Leonid Afromov painting. 

Mike grabbed some photos of me.

While I grabbed some of him. 

It was a good last night in Italy. Our entire 2 week trip was full of some of the most amazing food I've ever had. And Mike even went out of his comfort zone and ordered a shrimp and risotto dish. We made some amazing memories in Italy, but it's time to move north. Next stop, Switzerland!

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