Day 39: Romantic road and the Autobahn

Today we were excited because Mike was finally able to take what he's always wanted to do in a car and make it happen. And also in an Audi convertible TT. He was able to get it up to speeds of 212 km (132 mph), an exhilarating feeling I've never felt on the road before. The car was moving so fast you could barely hear the music blasting through the radio. 

One of the things to do in Getmany is to drive its romantic road that goes through the middle of Germany and into Bavaria and down to Füssen where we stayed when we first got the Germany. We only had 500km with the rental so we had to choose wisely what we wanted to see do we didn't drive all of it in its entirety. 

Mike thoroughly enjoying himself.

Our first stop was Nördlingen, a town built into a crater made by an asteroid. The town had a huge watchtower and during world war 2 they built a wall around the whole city. 

Here is the wall that wrapped around.

You can walk its perimeter.

View of the town. 

The little buildings were in quintessential German style, and there also weren't loads of tourists at this time so that was a relief. 

Here's s pharmacie with a unicorn on it.

The church here was originally built in 1381. 1381!

The next city was 18km away called Harburg, a little town known for its picturesque nature and castles. 

The clouds were absolutely stunning today, making our photos extra pretty. 

Boom. This is what you first see when you arrive to Harburg. A castle on the hilltop. 

I guess this town is prone to flooding. Look at this flood chart, the most recent being in 1998. 


Lots of photos here. 

Back to the car. 

We saw a really great car that I was trying to capture but our car was going too fast.

Our last stop was Augsburg, the middle of the romantic road and one of the bigger cities of them all. 

Grabbed our beer and "Radler" the Radler being a mixture of beer and lemonade.

A bunch of people just bought beers from the store and sat in the square with them. 

Nearing the end of the day. 

Time to drive back to München. This is where mike broke his record and averaged driving around 105-110 mph. 

We came back after dropping off the car. A giant fountain in the square nearby. People were sitting all around it for a little coolness from the hot day. 

It was a big square. I noticed there are a surprising amount of people riding bicycles. Even the business men ride them around. 

It was a great day of sights, and we ended the night at another Biergarten before heading back to the hostel. 

Next we see the Olympic stadium and the Dachau concentration camp memorial!


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