Day 68: our last full day in Europe

We lucked out with an absolutely gorgeous day to top off our trip with a boat cruise through the canals. 

It was ridiculously beautiful, and we enjoyed sharing white wine and some Dutch Gouda cheese. 

We went under all sorts of underpasses and bridges, and got a few waves from other people in boats.

It was super sunny and I'm still afraid of burning so I brought my hat. If definitely helped throughout the 3 hour tour. 

We got to talk with the very nice guy who drove the boat who was also our Airbnb host. He offered on the first day to take us out sometime for a price that was very reasonable compared to the rates of all the other boats. And we could bring whatever we want on like our wine and cheese and get a better look from a locals standpoint.

It was like Venice in some spots, with houses right in the water. Most of the houses didn't have a right angle. 

We passed by a very large cruise ship from panama. 

This is a great pano, but the movement of the boat made the camera have some difficulties. 

It really captured the awe of mikes face over the size of the boat. 

He's such a good sport. He even said he looked like sloth from the goonies.

He also said, "man I've got to shave."

Don't mind the girls giant toe in the way. But we have been talking about getting meaningful tattoos since before we got married in September and this was honestly the best time to do it. We've had plenty of time to think about what we wanted and where we wanted to get it. We wanted something that would not only remind us of our honeymoon in Europe, but also be a really unique piece of art to commemorate our bond and these special moments in our life. Plus, I'm super jealous that mikes first tat was in a'dam. How many people can say that? I haven't gotten good photos yet, but I'll show em' off in my next post where I wrap up a summary post of our trip.

It'll be good to be home!


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