10 Everyday Lifehacks for Lazy People

Want to save time? Get out the door with everything ready to go? Be more put together, or have a more organized life? Who doesn't!?

Here's a list of ways to save time and feel better about yourself everyday. Some of you may already practice some of these, but these tips have helped me immensely in my daily routine.

1. Set your alarm early.
I hear you night owls groaning, and even I'm to blame for pressing the snooze button one too many times. But ever since I've been able to squeeze a morning run in and still have time to drink my coffee I've felt so much better without having to rush out the door. This keeps you from rushing around as well as to avoid starting your day on a stressful note. Also, exercising early kickstarts your metabolism for the day, which makes you want to drink more water, and keeps you more health conscious when choosing meals.

2. You can take a hot shower, but cool it down at the end.
You already know that you should wash your hair only every other day (unless you have a workout). But what about other shower habits? If you like to take hot showers, turn it down to lukewarm when you wash out the conditioner from your hair. This locks in some moisture and makes your hair super shiny. I always get compliments on my hair when I go to the salon about how healthy my coif looks. 

3. Use baby powder for greasy hair between washes.
If your hair gets too greasy in some areas between washes, dust some baby powder over the area. This works great for my bangs, and especially if you're traveling.

4. Tie your hair in a low twisty bun if you're too lazy to blow dry it, and go about your day.
When it dries, you can let it loose and run your fingers through it for effortless waves. I do this almost all the time. You can also braid it for a similar look.

5. Try makeup cleanser cloths instead of soaps

I'm not a dermatologist, but I know what works for my sensitive skin. When it comes to skin, I don't let the hot water hit my face for too long (it dries out super easily). I also only wash my face when I wear makeup with yesto makeup cleanser cloths. I don't get too much acne (except one or two because, hormones), but that can probably be blamed on genetics (thanks mom!) You can also use these if you like to hike or do other extreme sports for a quick cleanser for your face or underarms.

6. Keeping things organized so you can find things in a flash.
I have a mason jar on my bathroom sink for all the makeup items I commonly use, so I don't have to rummage through my makeup bag. I have wicker baskets for bills or mail - these baskets are especially handy for an office so that you can separate computer equipment or office supplies. 

7. Have a sectioned laundry basket.

Another life changer has been a 3 section canvas laundry basket. I use one section for colors, one for whites, and one for sheets and towels. That way you can save a step and not have to organize into separate piles when it comes time to do the laundry. 

8. Fit in some calisthenics before or after your shower.
Since you're going to be focusing on getting yourself clean any ways, why not focus on bettering your body as well? Ideally, I like to go for a run, then jump in the shower and bust out the yoga mat for some quick toning exercises and yoga poses. I find it easier to squeeze it in my day at this time and then I don't have to worry about getting a work out in later in the day when I have a bajillion other things to do. 

9. Make a playlist for as long as you want to run for and don't stop until its done.
Because I'm too lazy to map out my run ahead of time on an actual map, If you want to get a 3 mile run in, simply compile a 30-40 min playlist to leave room for running and cool down. I also use the mapmyrun app to track my times so that I can beat it on my next run.

10. For more self awareness in terms of nutrition, use the myfitnesspal app.
I don't use it every day, but sometimes it's great to keep track of what you're putting into your body. Sometimes I eat things not really realizing how many calories a certain food item contains in a portion size. It can be easy to double the calories by doubling the portion size without even knowing it. This app makes it easy because it has basically every food item I eat in its data base so all you have to do is punch it in. What's more, is that its a social network of sorts where you can see that your friends "were under their calorie goal for the day" or if they lost a pound or two. Don't worry, noone can see what you ate. It's more so you can hold yourself accountable and be mindful of what your putting into your body.

I hope these tips helped!! If you have any other life hacks that work for you, leave some love in the comments below!

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