Portland, OR: day 1

We're off! As we were landing Brittany caught some pics of the mountains. We crashed at Heidi's overnight and her dad brought us to the airport for 430 am. Security and the flight were surprisingly smooth!

We got to our really cute Airbnb where we have a deck looking out to the town. 

Love the Pendleton blankets!

Taking over the town! On our way to get fooood. 

We tried the famous Nong's Khao Mon Gai. And it was everything they said it would be. 

Just a hole in the wall place where you seat yourself and bus your own tables but people come from all around to see it. One guy even popped his head in and asked us if this was the famous chicken place. 

From both angles of goodness. Brit took this one!

So good we even bought more sauce! We gave them 5 stars. (We have our own grading system.)

Then we checked out Burnside Brewery. Portland has the most breweries in one spot in the world! 38 total. 

We started out with one flight. 

Then we got another. 20 samples total!

Needless to say we needed to get more food. Pickled vegetables and fries!

And we finished ALL of it. We gave them 5 stars. 

We sat outside in the 87 degree weather and got sweaty. But inside was nicer. 

Just a stuffed bunny on a car holding a log. 


There is street art everywhere. 



Megan had to show some love to the rhino. 

And more love...  

Sometimes the iPhone doesn't catch motion that well. 

Cascade brewing!! They had all sorts of sour beers. My favorite!!

Even though it was good, it didn't compare to other places in terms of quality, or customer service so we gave it a 3. 

Next we checked out Rum club for some tasty cocktails. I had a gin drink that was phenom!

Pickled eggs! The yellow one was curry style. I don't like hard boiled eggs usually, but I liked these!

Brittany broke her toes before the trip by tripping so she had to tape her poor piggies. 

We ate/drank a lot today. We went to Screen door for dinner where we had a more hearty meal. Lots of comfort food. Fried chicken, hush puppies, cold slaw, Mac n cheese, and really good collard greens. 4 stars. 

We ended the night resting our poor feet from walking around everywhere. It was only 9 here, but 12 back at home so we were beat and went to bed shortly after this. 

Great successful first day in Portland! I love it so far. Tomorrow we go to the zoo and the Japanese garden!

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