Portland, OR: day 4

We kicked off the day at the famed voodoo doughnuts that everyone back at home told me to try. They had almost every donut concoction imaginable. 

We were lucky with the timing of getting there because 5 minutes after we arrived a long line started forming.

They all looked sooo amazing, it was hard to choose. I chatted up the girl behind me about any recommendations she may have had and she said I definitely needed to try the maple bacon bar. So that's just what I did. I also needed to sample another one since we were all sharing and trying different kinds so I also got a lemon chiffon.

These were f%$#*ing fantastic. Other notables were the Portland cream and the Arnold Palmer.

None of that bacon bitz shiz, just real slabs of bacon. The sweet of them maple frosting with the savory of the bacon balanced nicely. 5 stars.

We sat out on the patio. You can see the line out the door in the background.

Stumptown was known for their cold brew coffee so we popped in to get our hands on one.

Real basic menu, and people with boxes of voodoo doughnuts had ate their doughnuts here with their coffee since we were so close to them.

I added some cream (no milk so it was a bit lighter than I liked it) and no sugar. It was definitely smoother and a little bit more concentrated. 4 stars (I still love french pressed coffee)

We were walking in to town and we popped in to a few spots on the way. This was the inside ot the library.

We went to do some shopping on Mississippi avenue. Paxton Gate was a really unique shop that had engraved skulls, preserved baby pigs in bottles as well as taxidermy and preserved insects and arachnids. We ended up getting some posters.

We walked by lots of graffiti.

We needed to get some treats for our pets! They had lots of raw hide and pig snouts!?

Graffiti selfies for days.

We stopped in to Lardo, one of our favorite stops.

I got the Bahn Mi with pork meatballs. Yes yes and yes. I would eat this every day. 5 and a half stars!

Bye for now Lardo!

We stopped at another brewery on Mississippi called Hopworks. They call it a bike bar, not because it is actually a biker "motorcycle" bar, but because they actually have bicycles for decor and such.


We grabbed most of our shopping needs and stopped at Petit Provence to sit and grab a beverage. This was a lavender simple syrup with gin and lemon.

I'm so lucky! A lady bug landed on my shirt. 

We stopped to grab a snack/dinner at Olympia Provisions where they are known for their meat. You were able to watch them make everything right before your eyes!

We grabbed a chef's choice charcuterie board and a cheese board. I tried Terrine for the first time. Brittany informed me that it typically contains a lot of fat but that this one wasn't as fatty as other ones she's tried. 

We stopped back at burnside since it was close to home for a full favorite of the beers we tried the other day. Of course I picked the saison.

It was one of the cooler days since we've been here. About 75 degrees, but it was still really very nice outside as the sun was setting.

We stopped a the commons brewery very briefly for gift purposes.

I tried a sample of one of their saisons and then we were on our way back. 

We walked back to our place and hung out on the deck for a little longer. We listened to Prince, and Brittany Spears, and our neighbor across the street singing something incomprehensible. It has been an amazing 4 days here! We have basically covered all of the neighborhoods in town, saw a lot of what we wanted to see (our sore muscles can prove it), and of course we could spend forever here trying all of their food - but we have tried a lot of what Portland is known for. From the sweets to the savory, and from the countryside to the city, we can say that we definitely enjoyed Portland, OR. The people here were warm, laid-back, and gregarious, and the weather was warm for us too. After today, there will be what seems to be an endless stretch of rain. We brought the good weather with us, and we're hoping to bring it back home with us tomorrow! We will be getting back on the plane midday tomorrow. 

So long, Portland. It's been real.

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