Iceland Babymoon day 3: South Iceland

Today was a day for some of the most epic sights I have ever seen in my life. Even shots of the the road were stunning with mountains and glaciers and the sun bursting through the clouds. 

We overslept our free breakfast so we grabbed some Icelandic skyr for breakfast. It's basically like Greek yogurt but much better. It has kind of a creamy yet whipped light texture. Siggi's in the US doesn't even compare to the real thing.

Just a stop off pano from the road. 

You can see a town and some rivers in the distance. 

This is just driving up to Seljalandsfoss falls. 


Too. Many. Pretty. Angles. 

Bumpie! You can actually see her a little more in this one!

Mike keeps saying he has one too 🙄

Another vantage point. 

This picture was actually really hard to get because of all the other tourists walking by. 

You can actually go behind the waterfall in this little cavern, if you're ready to get soaked. So majestic!

Literally more sheep than people in Iceland. They are everywhere! We saw them crossing the road at one point. 

Icelandic horses have actually evolved to be smaller and stockier. Technically they are the size of a pony but since they can carry more weight and have bigger bones they are classified as horses. They were originally brought in from Norse settlers around 800 AD and from natural selection have become the sturdy horse they are today. A volcano actually took out much of their population at one point, but since then they have grown in population and are the only breed of horse in Iceland. 

They came right up to the gate and let me pet them! Very docile and no need to be skittish since they have no natural predators here. The only native predator to Iceland is the arctic fox. 

Friends forever!

I felt bad a didn't have a carrot for them. 

So many mountains that must've been formed by glaciers. 

Here is Skogafoss waterfall. We were able to catch the sun today and these gorgeous rainbows!

Is this even real?

A shot from the stairs going up to look down into the waterfall. 

It's a long way down!

Our gps took us to a private beach on Vik instead of reynisfjara black sand beach. Which was actually good because no one was here so the black sand was virtually untouched.

We were able to find a black rock to take back with us. We wish we had a vial to take some sand. I've never seen anything like it! Created by volcanic ash. 

Look at that glacier! You can actually book glacier tours and walk right on them. 

For a short period of time the Suns rays burst through this cloud. 

Stunning landscape. 

Naturally formed basalt columns and craggily cliffs! 

Crazy beautiful. 

That's dyrhólaey arch in the distance. We didn't have enough time to see it before the sun set but it's similar to what you'd see in Utah, just in the water!

We booked a northern lights tour. We did see a couple faintly since the sky was a little overcast, but not nearly as good as the ones on the plane!

We got to wear these warm suits. I feel like a real fisher woman!

It was Halloween so we figured we'd give a couple bars a shot. We went to the American bar where there were a decent amount of people. That sign says "Life is short drink early." For me that means hot chocolate!

I can't believe how absolutely beautiful the world can be! This is definitely up there for one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen if not the most beautiful! We did a ton of driving the past couple days so even though we wanted to see Dettifoss waterfall where parts of the movie Prometheus was shot, we'll probably look at a few museums in Reykjavik and take it easy. 

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