Iceland Babymoon day 5: The Blue Lagoon and Home

Today we woke up early, grabbed our stuff we packed last night, and headed to The Blue Lagoon for the morning until our flight. Let me just tell you, it is quite the place. They give you wristbands that you use for your locker, and for getting drinks at the swim up bar in the lagoon. I had a strawberry smoothie, while Mike had some champagne to start. 

The swim up bar had water, beers, sparking cider, smoothies and juices, as well as plastic covers so you could bring your phone into the lagoon for pictures. I packed a zip loc bag that did the trick. 

The water was the perfect temperature, ranging from 98-102 degrees. Some areas had hotter spots than others. I can see why people could spend all day here! They said it was safe for pregnant women, even the silica masks you can use on your face to get a full spa experience! You could even get in-water massages! (We didn't but it was tempting). I made sure to take frequent breaks to give baby a break from the warm water just in case ( I kind of had to anyway to go to the ladies room!) and stay hydrated. 

We heart blue lagoon! Even in the rain. They tell you to leave extra conditioner in your hair and not dunk it in the lagoon since the minerals can make it stuff and tough to manage (kind of like the ocean.)

It was a pretty big size! There were lots of little alcoves and even a little cave you could go into to get the history of the blue lagoon electronically in different languages. 

So pretty. The water was this cloudy opaque aquamarine color. 

What an awesome way to relax before our flight back home!

Cheers to an absolutely amazing trip away with our budding family before baby comes!

We did so many amazing things, from seeing the waterfalls, national parks and geysirs on the golden circle and south Iceland, to trying puffin, pickled herring (which tasted like chewy sweet fish candy) to exploring the art and history of Iceland and shopping in Reykjavik. It is definitely an experience we'll never forget and something we'll tell our Behr cub when she's old enough to understand that she has already been to another country! We brought back for her an Icelandic sheeps wool sweater, a Scandinavian Christmas ornament so that we can be reminded every year a Christmas time, and a children's book of an Icelandic storytale in English to read to her. We are hoping this will definitely not be our last trip, but it will be for a little while. Until next time! 

Start at the beginning and read each day here: Iceland Babylon day 1: Touring Reykjavik 

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