Honeymoon day 1: from Boston to Philly and Barcelona

Kicking off our honeymoon right with Logan Airport send off mimosas and beer at sea catch. 

Bye bye Boston! See ya in Philly. 

So not only did mike have to endure having the first class privacy curtain draped across his lap (which we could clearly see through) but Mike also endured a lost Mother's Day card for his mom, coffee spilled on his never worn before denim pants, and a bloody nose earlier in the morning. I offered to switch seats but he was a gentleman and will definitely get the window seat the next flight. All that aside, we did end up getting upgraded to first class  for our international flight. 

Had to have a Philly cheesesteak in philly!

Upgraded to first class! We never had the privalege to fly first class before but this is the way to do it. Barcelona, here we come! Or as we call it with a lisp, Barthelona. 

We had a three course meal. This was only the first course and it was delicious! I had a pistachio crusted tilapia for dinner which was very good actually, and mike had the filet mignon. 

Breakfast at 1 o clock our time, 7 o'clock Spain time. These pods were bananas. You can recline all the way back, there were multiple new release movies available, games, and all on a touch screen monitor or remote. 

Oh yeah the monitor also has a gps (sorry for the blurry photo)

Oh hello cute Spain streets. 

This guy was sharpening knives using a motorcycle to turn the stone. Our first impression of Barcelona in front of our Airbnb apartment. 

The windo from our bedroom looking out into the square in Barcelona. 

The square with a little park where you can hear little kids playing. 

Sitting area. 


Leading out to the patio 

We can wash and hang our clothes!

And of course Europe isn't Europe without a bidet. 

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