Day 3: The beach and Barcelona soccer!

We woke up well rested and went to grab cappuccinos where we saw a SpongeBob cake! 

Cappuccinos out on the patio. Jim struck up a convo with a local. 

Pretty Spanish buildings. 

Even the hospitals are made out of terra cotta. 

I walked by and did a double take because he moved! 

Spain from above. 

Pillars, petals, and people. 

Where the old Olympics were held. Now concerts into the marina casino. 

Finally. A beach day. 

Getting out base tan. 

Ordering sangria and sitting in the beach. 

There are shops with just shanks of meat/legs hanging everywhere. The cured meat is divine here. 

Bucket list item to see an international soccer game! Had a great time with some great friends. 

El con. One of the best meals we've had so far. The waiter didn't know any English but he was very helpful and even used his phone to translate what he wanted to say to us. 

This was called a toast and it had sausage, caramelized apples and aioli. So different and so delicious!

Jim asked for a vermouth and the waiter brought this contraption over. It was a self serve carbonated water to mix with the drink.  

Tomorrow it may rain so we might check out some museums including the Picasso museum. 

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