Day 4: museums, hookahs, and absinthe

Arc de Triumf

Mike and I meandered into El Born and checked out the Pocasso museum. 

We got to see Picasso's life work from when he started as a young boy, through college, and as an older adult. 

The streets of La Rambla is one of the most happening places in Barcelona. 

We sat at the end of La Rambla near the Columbus statue. 

And enjoyed apple flavored tobacco which was surprising smooth. 

Getting darker on La Rambla. There were many restaurants, charicariture artists and people sprayed in gold standing as statues. 

A lit up church on our walk. 

And then we had absinthe at the place Hemingway drank the licorice drink. Mike didn't quite dissolve the sugar just right for the greenish cloud. 


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