Day 5: El gotic and el Born, Paella, and Flamenco Dancing

Today we travelled from the apartment in the locals area L'Eixample to our apartment in a more touristy but hip area in the Gothic district. It was a labyrinth of cute little alleyways and a ton of restaurants, cafes, and shopping. Our apartment was about two blocks from busy La Rambla in one of these cute alleys. We dropped off our stuff and went out to find a spot to grab lunch. 

These were some signs around our street. Street names in small alleys like these are actually plaques on the sides of buildings which took a little getting used to. 

Everyone rides bikes around here. We've seen many with baskets with even the owners dogs in them. 

Here is where we had some tapas and parkas in a square in El Born district, another really cool neighborhood. We sat at a table outside to the right. 

A couple came into the square and turned on some music and started dancing flamenco style. 

Lots of great architecture. 

And people playing music in the streets and alleys. 

Here is a square where we grabbed some sangria and cappuccinos while we people watched and waited for jim and Deana to return from looking at Gaudi architecture. 

So many old archways. 

People watching in the square. There was s beautiful fountain right in the middle. 

After we met up with Jim and Deana, we went to see flamenco dancers in that square for only 10 euros each. 

There were two singers who also clapped along to the guitarist and the guy to the far left who drummed on his wooden box creating some beautiful music live without any recordings. The dancers were so lively and really got into the music, mixing tap dancing with salsa and clapping. It was an impressive show and something I've never experienced. 

We topped off the night with dinner where I tried cuttlefish which I guess is one of the ugliest fishes but tasted like buttery octopus. Mike got a roasted pork dish, Jim got hake, and Deana got chicken with peppers and potatoes. We topped off the night with a gelato. 

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