Day 10: sights and sounds of Vieille ville, Nice

On the walk from our place to Vieille Ville (old town)

Beginning of old town nice. 

Lots of cute colorful buildings not as built up as Nice centre. 

Nooks and crannies

The sound of sparrows chirping from above was everywhere we went

3 piece band playing in front of a church in the square

Stop with the cuteness!

Seeing the world through rose. At a French restaurant for dinner called Acchiardo in Vieille ville which received very good reviews and where I had the most delicious duck with a fantastic fig sauce and mike had the tenderest beef with a pepper sauce. 

Old town at night. A little less busy. 

British/Aussie bar called Wayne's bar where all these people in this half of the bar stood on top of tables when this cover band got going. Thankfully we watched from afar. 

Apparently snoop dog came here.

Tomorrow we relax on the beach with 75 degree weather. 

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