Day 12: Monte Carlo, Monaco a billionaires playground

On the train ride to Monaco, there were a bunch of little colorful towns on the sea. 

Looking up into Monaco

The tracks and seats where the Grand Prix will be held in a couple weeks

Gorgeous little town

Yachts are still everywhere

A trail going up

Probably the prettiest place I've ever seen

They have an old town too

This is the Monte Carlo casino where we walked in, and won 6 times the amount we started with on roulette without losing a round. Mike and Erika 1, Monte Carlo casin 0. Apparently they filmed a bunch of James Bond movies here. 

In front of the casino. 

Just an Astin Martin, a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lambrigini, and a Ferrari parked outside. 

Mike and I split a dish with gnocchi and prawns and actually ate it all! So proud of him for eating/trying every seafood so far. 

Next, to Italy!

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