Day 13: Monterosso, Cinque Terre, Italy

View from our hotel room 

So dreamy 

You can see the other towns of cinque Terre on the coast across the way in which you can hike or take a ferry boat to each. 

Monterosso is the only beach town out of the four and it is also the largest of the 5 cities. 

A lot of English here. The waiter looked at me kind of funny when I tried speaking Italian to him but that's probably because I slaughtered the accent. 

Taking a stroll down the beach walk

Looking back to where we are staying in that ittybitty portion over there. 

Is this real life?

We sauntered into the new part of town where there were a lot more locals and restaurants and plenty of gelato to go around. 

Made it back just in time for sunset. 

Had to take a few and these are undeletable. 

So relaxing. 

Sun setting on the last towns of cinque Terre. 

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