Day 14, 15, 16: Corniglia, Monorola, and Riomaggiore Cinque Terre, Italy

Wifi has been MIA the past few days in our remote apartment in Corniglia, Italy so here is a conensed post of some of the best moments. 

This is sunrise on Saturday where I had some of the best sleep ever falling asleep to the crashing ocean waves outside our window. 

We had our last official beach day and it turned out to be a gorgeous day. 

We swam in the Mediterranean next to the mountains we hiked a couple days after. 

Getting off the train and up to Corniglia required 387 steps up to town, a hike in itself. They had a shuttle for 2 euro a person but we were troopers. 

They look easy from far away...

Here is a view of the next town over, Monorola from the stairs up. 

Mike is relaxing with a glass of wine after our "hike". 

Wine and a view. 

Mediterranean dinner at sunset. Muscles and pasta and prosciutto pizza with local Bianca wine. 

Sunset on the town terrace. 

Midnight lights. 

We spent the day in Vernazza on Sunday. 

Vernazza was one of the most picturesque towns. 

We went inside this very old church. 

There was this tunnel that lead to a little beach right off of town. 

We walked around a bit and the panoramic views were unbeatable. 

We tried to selfie it but another person thankfully noticed our struggle. 

These were little ferry boats that took people to each town if you didn't want to hike or take a train. 

Although a bit touristy on a Sunday, Vernazza was breathtaking. 

We got a recommendation for dinner at the Ristirante Belforte which was delicious. 

The view was outstanding. 

On Monday we got ready for our hike from Corniglia to Monorola. 

The route we'd take would be about 2 and a half hours but have stunning panoramic views and we'd walk by our airbnb hosts' vineyard in which she gave us a bottle of her wine. 

The view as we gained elevation. 

Hillside vineyards. 

It was hot in the sun but we were making the best of it. 

View of monterosso, the first town we visited in the distance. 

Vineyards lined the way. 

There's Monorola!

Finally, our steep walk down to the centre of town. 


We confirmed that Cinque Terre is a place like no other, but we need to say ciao bella and move on to Florence, Italy. 

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