Day 20: Museum cram with our Firenze card

Our 72 hour museum pass was going to run out today so today was strictly for museum going. And there are A LOT of museums in Florence. 

The first stop was the tomb of the Medici family who had a very strong influence on making Florence what it is today. 

It was both kind of creepy and awe inspiring. 

Each member of this large family had an ornate glass with one of their bones in it. 

Sarcophagi everywhere. 

And of course statues. 

This family had a lot of money. 

Which is clearly evident in the size and detail of even just their tomb. 

There was also some Michaelangelo statues here that he was commisioned for. 

Like this Madonna and child. 

Next we went inside the iconic Duomo cathedral. There was a massive line around the massive building but we were able to get in right away with our Firenze passes. 

It's size was hard to comprehend. 

The ceiling was quite a spectacle. 

We then worked our way to the top of the dome. 463 steps up and down. 

But we made it to see all the city around us. 

We were right in the heart of the city at the highest point looking down on all the bustle and enjoying a gentle breeze after our hike. 

Next to the famous Uffizi museum which houses the birth of Venus among other masterpieces. 

The long 3 sided square of s building had statues running down either side. 

Some dating back to before Christ. 

One of many Modinna and Child. But one of the most famous. 

The Birth of Venus by Botticelli. It was hard to get close because of the amount of people in front of her. 

Another famous Botticelli. 

Crazy tour guide with a Leonardo Di Vinci.

First statue without a stoic expression.

Every ceiling had a different elaborate painting on it that you became desensitized by it after a while. 


This wasn't famous but I really liked it.

This wasn't famous either but I've never seen a painting of a dwarf before.

Exceptionally famous.

There were so many art works that I can't possibly post all of them.

Next we went to the Palazzo Pitti, or Pitti Palace, dating from 1458 and originally the residence of Luca Pitti, an ambitious florentine banker. But then it was bought by the Medici Family in 1549 and became the residence of ruling families in Tuscany. In the late 18th century, the palace was used as a power base by Napoleon. Over these years this place ammassed many luxurious items such as paintings and fine furniture.

The museum of modern art was housed here as well as a costume gallery and the palatine gallery. 

This palace was ridiculously huge. Just room after room of chandeliers and ornate decor.

Just a throne no big deal.

Before I post the entire gallery, I'll conclude with saying that we saw a lot of amazing things today that we were enlightened by. Before we headed back home to make plans for dinner, we hung out by the ponte vecchio bridge where mike gave me a kiss in the rain.


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