Day 24 & 25: B&B in Tuscany and Bellissimo Venice

We stayed at a cozy B&B after we left the vineyard where we were greeted by a warm hearted host who made us feel at home. She had 3 dogs and a horse in her big backyard and strawberry plants all around. And she made the best breakfast including hazelnut crepes, scrambled eggs, fresh bread with marmalade, and baked seasoned tomatoes with cucumber. 

We chatted with her about our life and travels on her terrace and enjoyed the sun setting. There was also another older couple there on their honeymoon from Canada that we were able to enjoy our time with. 

We arrived to Venice while there were showers but their only mode of transport for tourists and locals was in the water. 

There were a lot of boats going by that they call "water taxis" that would wave at each other and yell something in Italian

It's amazing how there are houses right on the water and they literally have steps going down into the water. 

There are so many little side streets. 

This was in S. Marco square. A very busy square where street merchants tried to sell us roses and umbrellas. 

What a gorgeous place.

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