Day 30-33: Lucerne and Mt Pilatus Switzerland

It's been a very busy few days in lucerne with lots of things to do so I figured I'd wait to make one post for the 3 days we were here. 

We had a very scenic train ride to Lucerne. 

Lucerne is a much bigger city than Interlaken. 

There were swans everywhere.

There's one!

We got some of the best chocolates we've ever had from Bachmanns. 

It was a surprise box of 8 where you could get any of the combinations in this list. 

We walked around the city and noticed the different architecture. 

We took a boat on the lake to get to Mt Pilatus, which was recommended to us by many people back at home. It was a gorgeous day for it.

A couple that we met on the boat from Utah kept telling us that the Catholic Church confirmed that there was a dragon living on Mt Pilatus, which I would agree that this mountain was suitable for a dragon. 

We took the steepest cog railway in the world up the mountain to the top. It was a bit cloudy/foggy but still beautiful. 

There's a little yellow mountain flower in the snow. 

Really quite stunning.

There were a few alphorn players that played so majestically as their music echoed over the mountain top. 

This little boy tried for it too.

Looking back as we took a gondola down to the next mountain.

Mike snapped some photos of this line church on a ledge.

What a terrible view. 

Still glad we haven't caved into getting a selfie stick yet.

It's a long way down. 

We saw a lot of signs that would mean something a little different back at home. Die means "the" here so there were places like Die Hores which we were t sure what it was exactly but we were sure it was to related to our translation.

We got a little bit of a view of the mountains from our hotel room. 

And we walked around a bit at sunset. 

We had a wonderful time in Switzerland, and would love to return one day. We agreed that it has to be one of our favorites so far with its beauty, it's culture, and the lack of a language barrier helps. 

But we are excited to check out Bavaria and Munich, Germany next!

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