Day 36: Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau Castle Bavaria, Germany

Yesterday was beyond a fairytale. 

We deciding hiking to the castle would be the best/prettiest option to get to the castles since they were only 4 miles away and it was a beautiful day with some clouds to make some amazing pictures. 

We got onto a trail off the Main Street in Fussen and were interdicted by a little chapel/station where there was a painting or religious relic. 

There were many of them on the trail. Each numbered. This was number 2.

Monuments sprinkled along the trail. 

And s little alp snail friend. There were snails and slugs everywhere. 

Here is another station with a painting in it. 

A tomb inside a cave.

The view was getting prettier by the minute.

I loved these purple mountain flowers 

The trail was a little slippery on some parts from the rain the night before, and full of roots.

We can see the castles! Getting close. 

So serene.

We stumbled upon a couple swans and their ducklings in a pond.

Are we in a fairytale?

Bye swans.

We made it to Hogenshwangau, where King Ludwig of Bavaria lived. 

There's Neuschwanstein in the distance. 

Hohenschwangau from afar. 

We had a well deserved beer at a beer hall after hiking 4 hours

I love him. 



And BEER! we're not in wine country anymore 😉


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