Day 7: Montpellier attractions and dinner reservations

Art gallery in a church

Chateau D'Eau

Arc De Triomphe

Fresh market for fromage (cheese).

All of this was 10 euro

Map of Montpellier 


Vanilla limoncello mint, whisky absinthe cherry 

We had dinner at le enfante rouge where we had a shared tapas plate including different cured meats and tapenades. Mike and I tried their green olives and actually liked them, they tasted more like olive oil and less vinegary. 

We had to translate the menu to figure out what to order so here is an example of a French menu: 


€ 7 Honey Roasted Camembert
€ 5 peppers in olive oil
€ 5 Tapenade of dried tomatoes
€ 5 Saint Marcellin Herbs
A bowl of chips from a British fish and chip shop
€ 5 Fries
€ 17 plate of foie gras with onion compote
€ 25 Platos Tapas Combinados
€ 5 potato casserole
€ 6 Accras Fish House (x8 pieces)
€ 7 Rillette tuna and chives
€ 5 Pie Day
€ 7 Zucchini and eggplant
€ 7 Artichaud pesto and parmesan
€ 5 Tapenade of green olives, mint and raisins
€ 8 House and Doritos Guacamole
€ 5 goat cheese from raw milk
€ 5 Cabécou Cévennes (x2 rooms)
€ 8 Mozzarella di Bufala 125g AOC Campania
€ 9 Cooked ham with truffles
€ 9 ham Picaron refined 11 months
€ 9 Italian Sausage with Fennel
€ 18 Italian charcuterie platter (ham with truffle, prosciutto matured, salami with fennel)
€ 19 Iberian charcuterie platter (white pig bellota ham, chorizo ​​Bellota Bellota Morcilla)
€ 15 Cheese plate (Camembert roasted with honey, Cabécou of the Cevennes, goat cheese)

Montpellier was absolutely stunning. Nice people, some places had English menu and most people knew some English. Everything tastes better here. We would definitely come back. Next we get a train to Cannes!

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