Day 9: Cannes film festival set up and Nice

Ritz Carlton building in Cannes

They were setting up for the Cannes film festival in a week and a half which is a pretty big deal and attracts many celebrities. We saw many a nice car walking through town and everything was quite posh. 

Armani apparently has a cafe. 

Really cute building though

We stopped at a cafe to grab cappuccinos and breakfast to kill time before the train th Nice. 

A baguette with bread butter and jam. 

Carousels everywhere in France. I caught this pigeon at the perfect timing to boot.

Carousels + statues + water = opulence 


Not so much. 

Can we talk about how pretty this place is though?

And how blue the water is?

There were little colorful buildings scattered on hilltops everywhere. 

Obligatory Cannes selfie

Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. 

This ones my favorite

Nice was a 30 minute train ride and we arrived to our airbnb place where we were greeted by our very nice host who left us white roses and champagne for our honeymoon. 


Our room was pretty sweet. Apparently we are staying in the most iconic hotel on nice. I'd say it's a good find. 

I rocked that piano in case you were wondering. 

Pink pink pink even our toilet paper was pink. But our bidet was gold. 

This was steps from our door. 

Just awful. 

Yes the water really was this blue. 

I never liked olives until Europe. Even the pitted ones. 

Just fishing for some Mediterranean fish. 

We went to the market and this was literally the entirety of their chip isle. 

I guess prices change often. Nevertheless, I love the price of wine here. 

Love and wine on the balcony watching the sunset. 

Dancing in the streets. 

Everyone seemed to like this statue. 

This awesome band played american music like dire straights, cranberries, etc in a random French bar. The guitarist was  nasty. 

The bartender spoke great English and was in bartender school. We were fast friends and he made us each a drink based off what we each liked. And it was one of the best drinks I've ever had. 

Wasn't hard to find our hotel on the way back. 

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