Day 41: BMW museum and Olympic stadium - Munich, Germany

I see cars everywhere, everyday. But never have a seen a collection and progression of artful machinery in a museum before. Even the museum itself was in cutting edge design and architecture. 
The above photo was one of my favorites. They opened the hood of the car so you can see the more simplistic nature of the engine when these cars were used. 

I didn't get a chance to get a better photo before they closed it but it was pretty neat. 

You were able to get into the cars and check them out on the showroom where they had their newest models. 

And they didn't have just BMW's. They also had Rolls Royce and Mini Coopers. 

The mirrored "Mini David Bowie". Love it!

The mini limo. With a hot tub in the back. 

They had a good amount of electric cars. 

Like this one.

And motorcycles that we obviously jumped on.

Plane engines!

I love the older cars. 

Cars, cars, cars.

Look at this little thing!

Hello orange.


This was probably the most modern looking. 

Look at this building. There's the Olympic tower over there.

BMW headquarters.


We walked over to the Olympic stadium.

They were actually still using it. It looked like it was being used as a public pool now. I think that's great since so many Olympic Stadiums fall into disrepair. 

They also use it as a park, and there are food carts and cafes surrounding the area. 

Later that night we went to a more authentic beer hall where they supposedly had the best pork knuckle in the world. Mike agreed.

Next we take tomorrow to plan out some other details in different locations. We are heading to Copenhagen on an overnight train but not until 10pm tonight (4pm for you back at home). Heading to Scandinavia!

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