Day 42: Moseying around Munich until the night train

It was our last day in Germany, and Mike and I came to the conclusion that Germany was probavly the place we'd choose to return to, or live in for a time one day. The vibe was unpretentious, the prices were good, the people were friendly, and overall it was the most "us." We've talked with s number of people by now about European lifestyle vs the states, and we've found that its just slower here; from restaurant dining, to just having a leisurely conversation with someone and not looking at you watch all the time. Granted we are on vacation, but the slower pace is evident in all the people who live here. 

We walked around to check out some other areas in Munich that weren't in the tourst buzz and found some really nice spots. Right under this bridge people were sunbathing. 

There are paths specifically for bikes here in addition to pedestrian walkways everywhere and even on major streets.

Lots of wieners in Germany. Mike was digging on the goulash.

The famed festival hall in the Hofbrauhouse. We had to come back just to see it. 

French rococo style church in Germany. 

We stood in this giant plaza/park where they hold Oktoberfest every year. Did I say it was giant?

Our week in Germany was so much fun. We would've stayed longer if we could've to explore more of Munich and its outskirts. But the show must go on. Next we shoot up to Copenhagen, Denmark. We are leaving the 85 degree weather here, and into comfortable 60's temps up north wee!

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