Day 47: Rosenberg Castle, food trucks, and Tivoli

It was a full day of sightseeing, also our last day in Copenhagen, as well as the warmest at 69-72 degrees. We woke up and grabbed breakfast at a nearby cafe before taking on the day. 

This muffin was filled with caramel FYI. 

Obligatory Copenhagen selfie. We took a walk down one of the busiest streets where they had horse drawn carriages and pretty buildings. 

We walked by the Lego store, Legos are originally from Denmark in case you didn't know. 

I wish I got a better picture without being too creepy, but we couldn't help but notice that everyone had these badass old school bassinets. We heard Copenhagen was a baby/kid friendly city and this was no joke. 

We walked through the gardens leading up to the Rosenburg castle.

Yay rows of trees!

This castle had a moat. A moat! It was the king and queen of de marks summer house that started construction in 1606, being completed in 1624.

It was beautiful inside, as expected. 

Give me all your furniture please. 

Thanks for the nightmares.

Lots of old odds and ends. 

Here was the top floor where the thrones were, and a bunch of huge tapestries of Denmark going to war with Sweden. 

Just a few lion statues. 

Looking at castles worked up our appetite and so we headed over to the food trucks across the bridge that we heard about from one of our friends at the hostel.

There was seating inside as well as outside where it seemed to be busy all the time especially on a nice day. They had everything from Korean, to Italian, French, Colombian, Moroccan cuisine, etc. I had the Korean bibimbap which was a semi spicy rice dish that had 6 different types of veggies and beef, and mike had the French cheesy croquette with double fried duck fat fries (mouth watering). We noted that this would be a great idea for Portsmouth, NH or Portland, Maine. 

Our spot in the lounge chair outside. The clouds looked fake. 

We grabbed a couple beers and watched the boats go by. 

There were literally piles of bikes like this on every corner.

We went to Tivoli as it started to become dusk around 9. The sun doesn't set until around 1030-11pm this time of year the sun rises aroun 4am so it is just a longer day in general. 

This park was so whimsical, and clean.

It was fun to see this older amusement park that had something fun for every age. 

We went back to the hostel and had one more beer before we packed up and went to bed a bit earlier to catch our 730 am train to Strasbourg. 

A quote on the wall of the hostel. One of my favorites.

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