Day 48 & 49: Strasbourg, France

We made it back to France, and we are about 3 weeks from the end of our trek through Europe. Strasbourg is an interesting place with histories from both the French and the German sides who battled for years over this hotspot for commerce right on the Rhine River which now separates Germany from France. There are buildings, and culture still evident from both. And now the European Parliament is held here so there is an added level of importance. 

The view from outside our window at the airbnb was stunning. 

We walked around a bit to find lunch and spotted a lot of German buildings as well as French.

And here's the CathedrĂ¡le Notre Dame de Strasbourg. 

You can always find a carousel in France. 

I heart bridges with flowers

I loved this street because on one side was all German buildings, and then on the other we're all French. 

Our airbnb host recommended we go to this Italian place on the corner and it was really good. We have had our fiat share of both French and German food, as well as Italian actually so we thought it was alright to mix it up. My dish was a curry shrimp pasta, and Mike had a prosciutto calzone that was delicious.

We got a free show later that night while we shared some wind together. A spider spun a giant web in the window and we're positive he got a pretty good meal judging the gap we saw in it this morning.

We move to our hotel in Strasbourg next, and check out petit france, as well as a farmers market they had going on nearby. 

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