Day 50: Strasbourg fun

We had a great day in Strasbourg and checked out some markets, as well as Petit France. 

This is our view around the corner from our hotel. The cathedral and the museum. 

We stopped by a farmers market/flea market where they had a bunch of yummy summer food items. They even sold foie gras here, which I have yet to try (saving it for Paris). 

All sorts of little odds and ends. Mike really liked these lights right here. 

I really liked these flowers.

We kept walking toward petit France.

And found lots of cute little nooks and crannys along the way.

I swooned over the over arching willow tree. SO pretty. 


Coming up on one of the main areas of petit France.

Selfie time!

I mean look at this place. 

We grabbed some lunch in petit France where I had this delicious pear, bleu cheese and walnut salad.

We continued our walk out of petit France. 

And followed whatever alley looked interesting on our way back to our place. 

We heard music outside our window, so naturally we followed it. 

We saw that it was a gay pride parade and people were dancing and cheering.

There were guys dressed as girls in pretty dresses and wigs. 

It went on past us for about 30 minutes.

Keep it safe.

I investigated on the Google and trip advisor a cheap place to grab good eats. We found an authentic French "toasts" place, where various food items are basically placed on an open faced sandwich. Mike got the L'epicurie special (the name of the place) which was bold for him since he didn't know what was on it. But it ended up being a warm ham, tomato and cheese toast that was quite good. I got the pulled duck and gherkin toast that was very good as well, although I wasnt expecting the consistency of tuna fish. Those two items together were €12 euro all together so it was very reasonable. We topped off our meal with the chef special pie of the day which was a very delicious rhubarb and lemon meringue pie and espresso. 

After dinner we went to a raved about mixologist bar called "code bar" where the bartenders really knew what they were doing. 

Mix. Shake. Pour.

They were even lighting things on fire. 

They were like chefs with their cooking. A pinch of this. A dash of that.

And they would pour it from high above without spilling. 

Oiola! Mike asked for something with bourbon. I asked for something citrusy and fresh.

Perfect. Lemon, mint, ginger beer, and clove. And a bunch of other things I wasn't sure about. 

Strasbourg is pretty at night. 

We checked out a bar on a boat that quickly became packed before heading back to our place around the block. 

Tomorrow we may check out the EU parliamentary building as well as a unesco named island. 


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