Day 59 & 60: St. Martin Canal

Today, we went to see the Notre Dame Cathedral as well as the love lock bridge nearby, and we had a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower as well as dinner on the Eiffel. 

We wanted to go inside the Notre Dame but the line was too long. 

The love lock bridge from afar. 

So many. Old and new. 

We got our lock prepped. I wrote our wedding date on it and mike found a spot to lock it. I threw in the key. 

Harry pooed in the shower apparently.

Amongst all the locks now.

We went back to the tower to have a picnic.

Triple créme cheese with rosé and a couple macarons.

We climbed the stairs up the tower.

And looked down. 

We had rosé champagne. (Had to stick with the theme. Just kidding that's all they had).

The sun started to set. 

Looking up from the second floor.

We were lucky enough to get seats at the Eiffel Tower restaurant WITHOUT reservations. 

It was pretty delish. 

Quite amazing actually.

It started to get dark and people crowded into the park for the light show.

You can see some twinkles up top. 

We walked back to our apartment and the canal was packed with groups of people drinking beers.

It was a great day. 

It was rainy the next day so we stayed in and watched movies on the tablet with some French macarons, rosé, and pizzas from the market.

We had a wonderful time in Paris, It's our last day of our week long visit to Paris and we have seen and done a good bit. We ate escargot and frog legs, foie gras and rabbit. Sweet and savory crepes and delicious pastries. And some of the best wine we've ever tasted from the different regions of France at restaurants and a wine and cheese tasting. We saw famous museums and countless masterpieces, the Eiffel Tower and various monuments. The people here have been friendly to us overall even with our minimal French and we can actually say that we rather like Paris. It was more than we expected and we will return someday. For our last day today we'll see the Notre Dame Cathedral, Arc de Triomphe, and the love lock bridge on River Seine before we head to our second to last stop in Belgium next!


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