Day 67: Heineken experience

Today we explored more of Amsterdam and its canals, and went to the Heineken experience, one of the biggest international beers from the Netherlands. 

They explained the process. 

You could help mash up the barley ( and taste it - very sweet)

And see the tanks they used all before you built up anticipation to drink it. They also had a "ride" experience where you were actually the beer going through the brewing and packaging process and the floor moved it you got a little wet or fans came on depending on if you were being dropped into a tank or whooshing around a conveyor belt. It was a pretty cool experience.

You could see all the different bottles starting from 1884. 

We walked around A LOT today. My feet are destroyed from this trip. 

We also walked through the red light district and a different part of town where we grabbed a traditional Dutch dinner. I had a pate pork which was really tender chunks of pork with one of the best sauces I've ever tasted on top. I was literally dipping my frites into it and anything else I could find. Mike got the steak with pepper sauce. 

We hung out with our friends Shauna and Rory again and stopped at a different spot to grab a couple drinks to top off the night. They also gave us a good recommendation for a tattoo spot to get our wedding/honeymoon tats. I'm pretty jealous that mikes first tattoo will be in Amsterdam. Photos soon! Stay tuned for our last day of our two month trip through Europe! 

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